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42" Pompeii Build in Boca

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    Re: 42" Pompeii Build in Boca

    On to some more pics, Nearing the end. i havent decided what to do with the stand yet, but the stucco over the igloo is done (surface bonding cement with acrylic fortifier-Expensive! Hope the stuff keeps the water out. made a great loaf of Sourdough Boule today. Finally got all the variable correct. Lots of proofing outside (90degreesF), then cold proofing for 12 hours, then the most important- bake in the WFO in a corning-ware pan. Crust incredible, nice sourdough flavor, great inner texture. I hate to brag, but this loaf was excellent! Also, I didn't have Pepperoni, so my son wanted salami pizza. Not bad if I say so myself. Funny looking, but good. The Sourdough recipe is from Breadtopia "no knead recipe," with their sourdough starter. (Am I allowed to say that? I have no connection to them). I am using the pizza dough recipe from Peter Reinhart on Pizza quest (there's the proper plug!), and it is superb, and really easy. Just using King Arthur White unbleached. I guess I'll try Caputo 00, but this is sooooo yum, why change?