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    Re: Silverton,Or. Oven

    Originally posted by SCChris View Post
    Beautifully done John!!

    I second that. A great piece of work there I hope my oven (patterned after yours - John) will even come somewhere close.

    GMCHM - I do not believe you need longer bricks I have been able to accomplish the arch with 8.375 inch bricks and my wall thickness is about 4 inches. I am building a 42 inch oven with a 12.5 inch door height, My first arch brick extends beyond the oven dome about 1.5 inches and progressively extend further and further from the dome as it goes up.

    Progress photos are of my build as of today.

    You can see in photo 2 that the bricks get longer - the sheet metal strip is the same width along it's whole length and at the bottom it is the length of the bricks and on the top brick shown it is about an inch wider than the metal, by my calculation the keystone brick will be about another .75 longer.

    My bricks are even smaller than current standard - mine are 8.375 inches long.

    The reason the left and right sides of my arch look different is that I put some triangular buttressing bricks in to the area where the inner arch extends beyond the dome I will be filling in the left sid in similar fashion soon. You can see on the left side there is a brick that I put in at level 2 that extends to the front of the inner arch by itself.

    My first three inner arch bricks do not follow the design standard set by John but I was looking for a wider set of base bricks to start out my arch as that is where a great deal of stress is concentrated.


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      Re: Silverton,Or. Oven

      Mrchipster-I think what I mean't to say was not to use "longer bricks" but allow the cuts proceed from a 1/2 brick size to a longer length of a standard brick. It looks like this is what you are doing according to Gianni's plan. That's a clever idea for adding buttressing to the arch. Thanks very much for your input. Gianni-I think I'm starting to get my "head" around the concept. I once spent a month one summer laying out footings for a deck. I still ended up changing some of them. Luckly we have soft ground here. Thanks for the photos, I'm sure they will help. Finally! A photo of El Maestro.
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        Re: Silverton,Or. Oven


        I'm happy to share the photos if they will help. The Scotch-induced self-portraits I'm not so sure about.