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Aceves's Corner 42" Pompeii Build

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  • Re: Aceves's Corner 42" Pompeii Build

    Hi Texas,

    I used 5 blocks (putting me at 40") and my hearth is 4 inches thick, so that puts my hearth at 44". Plus my insulating board and my firebricks will add another 4"-5", putting my cooking floor/landing area at 48" - 49" off the ground.

    I'm 6'2", so I knew I wanted a tall oven, and I wanted my kids to be as far away from the fire as possible, so I went with 5 concrete blocks instead of the usual 4. Most everybody on FB goes for 4 blocks, but I did a dry run at that height and it seemed short to me. My wife's pretty tall too, so it was not going to be a problem.

    Given a choice between ending up kinda low (where I'd be slightly crouching to reach the firewood and pizzas) and kinda high (where I'd be looking at the fire and pizzas at chest level), I opted for the kinda high build.

    I say you pour your hearth at the height you're comfortable at. You can always place a little step stool to get up one more step if needed, but if you build it kinda low, you'll have to crouch down each and every single time. Just commit to a height and pour your hearth. It should work out in the end.

    Good luck with your oven!



    • Re: Aceves's Corner 42" Pompeii Build

      These are old posts, so I can only hope someone is still listening....

      Is it better to build your dome with 3" thick bricks or 2" thick bricks. I'm hoping to minimize and maintain a small, uniform joint size.