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Deconstruction and reconstruction

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  • Deconstruction and reconstruction

    Hi all,

    I'm about to pull apart my old oven, 47 inch pompei, and transport the bricks to a new house and reconstruct it. I probably won't go for the same size. 47 inches was a tad too big and really chewed up the wood when firing.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on anything when it comes to this kind of operation. Im guessing the only things I'll actually be able to salvage will be the bricks and floor tiles. I don't imagine the insulation would be worth saving. But please, prove me wrong.

    Also, does anyne have any advice for the best way to clean bricks of old mortar? Is refractory mortar (home mixed) fairly crumbly or is it rock hard?

    I can see many an hour will be spent haunched over chiping away.... fun fun fun.



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    Re: Deconstruction and reconstruction

    So the whole oven move didnt happen?
    I personally think you are wasting your time, put it down to experience and move on with a new build.

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      Re: Deconstruction and reconstruction

      Yes Al,

      The planed move did not go ahead. Due to unforseen circumstances and a death in the family, it proved impossible.

      Instead, I have decided to make the next best move, and see that my oven continues (in the same form or different) in the new house.



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        Re: Deconstruction and reconstruction

        An angle grinder would make quick (but dusty) work of removing old mortar, I think. If you don't have to make too many cuts in reducing your oven size, it may make sense to go through the trouble.


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          Re: Deconstruction and reconstruction

          I don't see why you wouldn't be able to salvage your blanket insulation and most if not all of you vermicrete.
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            Re: Deconstruction and reconstruction

            Have you considered contacting a company that makes big concrete septic tanks. They have a truck that would work great for moving your oven. Offer them some bucks and I'll bet they help out. Precast Concrete Septic Tanks by American Concrete of Bangor & Auburn Maine

            Just an example of the trucks they use. I think you can also rent Boom trucks but you will need to check that out for your area.

            Just an idea.