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Dannos Limey Build (Suffolk UK)

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    Re: Dannos Limey Build (Suffolk UK)

    Hi Russ & Gulf, thank you for your kind words. I am very proud of what i have achieved, as i expect all of us are, and rightly so.
    Although i had a certain amount of previous basic skills in brick and mortar, and chose a brick WFO as a challenge to them, i couldn't have done it without this fine resource and the great bunch of guys, and gals, who inhabit its vast web.
    Creating a build blog, and the way it opens you up to praise and constructive critique, just spurs you on to do your very best!

    Thanks y'all.


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      Re: Dannos Limey Build (Suffolk UK)

      That looks excellent. The extreme weather certainly creates some issues outdoors compared to the sub-tropics.

      You must be very proud of your work, you have reason to be. Enjoy.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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