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terminology around angles and the IT cradle

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  • terminology around angles and the IT cradle

    I am getting myself a little confused about the terminology used around the angles. I've attached a quick and dirty diagram showing what I'm talking about. Feel free to tell me the terms I should be using in place of the ones that I have labelled in the picture

    If I am building an oven with the minimum of mortar each brick will have four cut faces. I suspect but I don't know for sure! that the majority of the calculations assume that you've "only" cut the two ends.

    If this assumption is correct
    1) is there a calculator that takes into account what I have termed (probably incorrectly) the taper
    2) would I need to adjust the design of the IT to match the taper angle in the cradle bit that supports the brick - this seems logical however I haven't seen anyone do it so it makes me worried that I'm wrong



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    Re: terminology around angles and the IT cradle

    You can call the angles what ever you want as its you who is working with them.
    The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

    My Build.



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      Re: terminology around angles and the IT cradle

      nice one bricky - however getting to grips with all this stuff it helps if I'm talking the same language as other people so that I can understand which angle is "bevel" etc otherwise I could end up with a very odd shaped oven