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Zeke's 40" in Modesto

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  • UtahBeehiver
    Re: Zeke's 40" in Modesto

    1/4" is fine, it fills in with ash anyway . Be sure to cover the gap with duct tape while you are doing your walls to prevent mortar from falling down into the gap. Since the gap acts as an expansion joint between the floor and the the dome. If mortar gets packed into the gap there is the potential of cracking due to the restricted expansion.

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  • zekebv
    started a topic Zeke's 40" in Modesto

    Zeke's 40" in Modesto

    Greetings, I've set the oven floor and am starting on the first course of the dome. I decided to do half-bricks rather than soldiers. With how big of a gap between the floor and dome wall can I get away? Right now I'm looking at close to 1/4". Is this too much? Thanks.