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Pompeii Plans Ready for Download

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    If you do not find the the email from FB, then private message me with your email and I will send you the PDF file. They plans are a good baseline but dated with many of the newer innovations here on the blog. Check under the Newbie Section (treasure archives) which has several well documented builds.
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      WaldoLemieux , The FB plans are more of a project overview (IMO) than a step by step. You are in the right place in finding this forum though, as Russell has said there are many well documented builds here and if you are willing to do some reading and ask questions you can find everything you need. My advice has always been to find at least one build that is of the size and type of oven you want and a few other well documented ones so you can see the steps and what is involved. I bookmarked the builds of UtahBeehiver and Gulf because they were not only well documented but also works of art. When you start feeling like you know where to start, read over one of the "what would I do different" threads to see what others might have done in hindsight - I found that thread very useful too.
      Best of luck - we (the big we) are here for you!
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