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  • A Real Newbie question

    Hi all,

    I'm about to mix and pour the the 3 1/2 inch concrete hearth, per the Pompei oven PDF. But before I do, I want to be quite sure that I'm using the right concrete.

    I plan on using Sakrete High Strength Concrete mix, which is a mix of gravel, sand and portland cement, I assume in a 3 -2-1 ratio.

    Am I missing the boat here? Should I be using just sand and cement?

    Please advise...


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    Re: A Real Newbie question

    You do NOT want just sand and cement.
    High Strength Concrete mix sounds like the right product.
    I wouldn't recommend fast setting concrete.

    Have you already built the stand? Or is this pour the foundation under a stand? What reinforcement are you using? What did you do for drainage? (I assume that'll be a potential problem in FL)

    Some advice: Start a build thread. Post lots of pictures.


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      Re: A Real Newbie question

      yes, you want high strength concrete mix. 3 1/2 inches is reasonably thin. High strength concrete is used for counter-tops and is especially important to use if you have any parts of the heath that extend out and are not directly supported underneath.


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        Re: A Real Newbie question

        Thanks for the responses.

        I thought Sakrete was the right product, but I wanted to be sure, before I lugged 18 more bags of concrete from the Depot.

        As I noted, this slab will be for the hearth. The slab for the base has already been poured and the blocks stacked, filled and bond coated. once I get the hearth poured, I will finally be able to start the fun stuff.

        I'll start to post pictures as soon as I have something that is recognizable as the beginnings of pizza oven.

        Thx and regards


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          Re: A Real Newbie question

          You are probably on track and doing it but if not, make sure and use rebar. There is a lot of weight on the hearth slab. More weight than people realize.
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            Re: A Real Newbie question

            Hi Novaslo

            Listen to all the above and I will add once the base is layed, troweled and now going off if it is extremely hot I would, like I did put some wet towels over it and keep them wet. I did this for a fortnight so it goes off slowly. But it was 40C when I layed mine for about a month [or at least it seemed like that]. Haven't got one crack not even a hairline one but then again mine is over 12inch thick [due to position more than anything].

            Cheers Colin

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