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Out of work Pizza Man's 42" Build in NJ

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    Re: Out of work Pizza Man's 42" Build in NJ

    Congratulations w/the pizzas and also best of luck w/your Thanksgiving Turkey. We have the same plans and are all looking forward to it. Have a great time.
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      Re: Out of work Pizza Man's 42" Build in NJ

      Congratulations. All part of the learning curve and the pizza is always good when it comes together. i would be running a big chicken through there before the leap to the supreme bird. Just keeps the learning developing.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: Out of work Pizza Man's 42" Build in NJ

        I figure I'd post some progress pics. Some of these are now old.

        Summary of the pics:
        1. Completing the dome
        2. Wide view
        3. View from inside, before the final bricks went in
        4. First small curing fire started
        5. Opening archway completed
        6. Blanket applied (later removed, then reapplied)


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          Re: Out of work Pizza Man's 42" Build in NJ

          More pics:

          1. Connection for chimney. This area gave me problems. I tried to bridge the arch with small cut bricks, but it was never sturdy enough. I see why so many used more horizontal type arches in their designs. In the end, the best solution was to pour concrete around the flue connector. This made the design solid.

          2. Covered in 3" of blanket

          3. First pizza! Was surprising delicious for first attempt, but remember I come from a Napolitano pizza making family.

          4. Starting framing for enclosure

          5. More framing pics.

          6. Enclosing with Durock. This is where I left off for now. Roof is next.

          If you notice I added a bunch of Roxul over top of the Fiber blanket. I am going to tighten it up before I seal up the enclosure.


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            I just dug up this old post and realized that I never finished posting pics from the completion of the oven. The following summer I finished it with some really nice stone and I'm really happy on how it came out. I have been using it for several years now and it functions superbly. The only thing I still want to do to this oven is get a nicer looking roof on it. I may do that at the end of the summer if I dedicate some time. Thinking a Terracotta look.