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42" Idaho spud

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    Thanks for the replies and compliment. I know what Menards is from my time living in the blessed state of Nebraska. Sadly, we don't have em around here. I like the idea of trying some fireplace dealers. We do have a number of those shops so I'll hit them up to see what they have. More nasty weather today and in the forecast so I couldn't work on it today :-(


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      Hey Alex you could also try Rocky Mountain Supply but I think they probably just order from a local fireplace shop. But just another idea if all else fails.


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        Hah! Not only am I the slowest oven builder but I also have pansy fingers.

        Guess I should have been using gloves...

        Nonetheless, I was able to get a little more work before my fingers wimped out on me.

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          The oven is looking great. I hate that you had to do a restart on the arch. If you get a few days break from your oven and your finger tips have healed (no open wounds) try superglue to prevent it from happening again .
          Joe Watson, "A year from now, you will have wished that you had started today"
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            Yeah, the rains and being on call have both made me take a break from the oven. Kinda stinks because I was finally on a roll. I like the superglue idea. I work in healthcare and we have a superglue for skin, I was thinking of try that out. 😃



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              I had to cut a few pieces out of my build to get the arch/dome connection right. I'm with Randy...I think you're happier in the long run doing it the way you think you should do it instead of living with something you don't like.

              See my build thread here.

              See my build album here.


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                I had a few minutes sans rain to work on the oven a little.

                It seems like I always end up finishing the day in roughly the same spot, just one more course up :-) Oh well, slow and steady is my modus operandi. I'm hoping to get some more work done on it this week.

                Has anyone noticed that bugs like to get into their bag of lime? I frequently find flying ants or similar creatures in there... weird.


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                  I love your detail in your cutting. looks very nice.