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Dome collapse - advice needed

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    Re: Dome collapse - advice needed

    Movable floor drawing.

    Well I am afraid this is the best drawing I could get to upload due to file size.

    I beveled the edge of the "floor" so that it would give some error room when cutting. I would not have to cut it perfectly.
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    Wade Lively


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      Re: Dome collapse - advice needed

      ~thumbsup~ Cool! Thanks!
      "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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        Re: Dome collapse - advice needed

        You can butter the sides and in some cases it was better. I suppose it depends on how "sticky" your mortar is and which technique you are better (quicker) at.

        On the lower courses (before the sand cap was used) I made sure plenty ooozed out of the joints. It was easy to tidy it up with a sponge when cleaning up as you could get in there. Once the sand cap was in I made sure there was minimal as I didn't want too much between the sand cap and the brick itself as this could potentially deform the dome shape I was constructing. However when I pulled the cap out a few hours later I got inside (its at this point I had a lot of belief the dome would stay up ). Once in there (well half of my body) I cleaned up with a damp sponge and as you wipe the mortar of it tends to fill in any missed gaps.Worst case Jims (CJ) tip of using a fine pointed trowell would help you getting mortar in there.

        Having said all this - Wade is right in that ooozee assures you that there is no space "unmortared".........

        A nice strong piece of foam makes a good sponge (used with water). It will help you get rid of all the excess mortar on the exposed brick inside the dome when cleaning up.

        Time to insert some Aussie sarcasm
        Why did I get in the dome?
        ...... well brick laying made me all bent over and I couldn't stand up straight.....an hour in the dome on your back had the opposite effect ...
        Don't take your beer in there though as you might drop some mortar in it however it will give you the motivation to get out and wipe the mortar off your glasses/hat...

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          Re: Dome collapse - advice needed

          The diagram does the job Wade - confirms my minds eye of your idea.

          I am looking forward to that moment when I can lay back in my dome and consider that celebratory beer. It will have to wait a few weeks due to other commitments but I will keep all posted of progress (only if dome stays up of course!). Thanks again to Wade, James, Paul, Dutch, Damon and others for helpful advice and encouragement.


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            Re: Dome collapse - advice needed

            Update................. I have swallowed my pride and knocked down dome to last 2 courses and have commenced re-building. Looking a lot better already as shown in photo.