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Firebrick color question

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  • Firebrick color question

    Hi all,

    I am right now trying to source frirebrick. I have received two quotes so far one is .90 and the other is $1.40 (per brick obviously). The .90 cent is for red firebrick form a place that didn't really know what I was talking about but then I talked to the owner who said he had a couple of pallets kicking around. The $1.40 quote place knew exactly what I was talking about when I called up. Right now I feel comfortable with the $1.40 place because they knew what I was talking about and the price seems reasonable based upon what I have seen on this site. However, it is over 50% more than the other place though they do have 50lb bags of heatstop for $24 which seemed good to me.

    So how do I know the .90 cent firebricks are the real thing and is red ok? I thought they were usually yellow.



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    Re: Firebrick color question

    For about $80 total, I would go for the one you know is a firebrick.

    Unless you can find a manufacturers name stamped on the others and trace em down.
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      Re: Firebrick color question

      It all depends on what area you are in. I've seen yellow, orange, ivory, and red firebricks. The brick should be somewhere around 4x9 inches and weigh around 8 lbs or so. I personally would go with the 90 cent bricks if they checked out ok.
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        Re: Firebrick color question

        Tell the second guy that he is $80 higher, buy some heat stop from him and get him to throw in delivery...That would be worth the extra $$...

        But RLF is right, if they are about 4x9 and weigh 8 lbs or so, they are fine...
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          Re: Firebrick color question

          I had a choice of red or yellow firebricks, and bought red. The guy at the store said he hardly ever sells the red ones. Not real sure why.
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            Re: Firebrick color question

            regardless of which brick you choose, jump all over the $24 Heatstop. That is an unbelievable price. I thought I got a deal at $55.
            I had a similar situation with the firebricks - the knowledgable folks wanted from $1.65 to over $4.00 per brick (that had catelogues, specs, etc). I ended of buying buff colored fireplace firebricks from a brickyard/masonry supplier (no brochures, no specs, they simply called them fireplace bricks) for 77 cents each.....they heat up quick, hold the heat, and so far have been just fine.


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              Re: Firebrick color question

              I ended up with the $1.40 brick. The .90 cent bricks ended up being regular clay bricks, the yard man insisted they were fire bricks but they weren;t. So now I am the proud owner of 120 buff colored fire bricks. I also purchased a 50lb bag of Heatstop 50 for $24. How many bags of this stuff will I need for a 36" oven? I have to go get more bricks anyway so sort of in a buy it as I need it mode. Now I just have to wait for my saw from HF.


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                Re: Firebrick color question

                Originally posted by Gentcpa View Post
                I also purchased a 50lb bag of Heatstop 50 for $24. How many bags of this stuff will I need for a 36" oven?
                I'm building a 42" oven with HeatStop 50. I'm getting ready to start the 4th course and have used about 3/4 of my first bag. I'm guessing 2 bags will do it for me. I'm cutting all my bricks to fit.

                If you cut all your bricks, you will use far less HeatStop (but quite a few more bricks). In my area, HeatStop is $80/bag so I decided to cut the bricks to fit.
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                  Re: Firebrick color question

                  I used 1 1/2 bags - cut to fit method with about 1/2" - 5/8" cladding layer over the whole dome


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                    Re: Firebrick color question

                    Wow, not that much heatstop then, thanks.

                    I will be attempting the cut to fit method as much as I can. Should be fun once I get started.