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my volunteer has just arrived

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  • my volunteer has just arrived

    My volunteer has shown up for the clostrophobic part of the inner dome pointing. His name is Neil. He likes pizza too.
    see below for my oven album of progress to date

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    Re: my volunteer has just arrived

    Lucky for you Wayne.

    That's a small hole to squeeze in to, and oxygen levels get low quick!

    You better feed him well!

    First pizza I would think!

    Congrats on your progress.
    Everything is looking really good.

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      Re: my volunteer has just arrived

      Good for you Wayne! I got a little freaked out when I shimmied into my oven (face up) for the first time. I felt totally claustrophobic and my heart started to jump out of my chest. I had to tell myself, 'It's ok Rick, you're not in some Crypt, you're just in the dome you built!' After awhile it got kinda' peaceful and pretty comfortable! I did however, need to keep one hand on the outside arch as a security blanket! (Actually the only way I could fit through the door was one arm over my shoulder and the other down by my side.) I was hoping my wife wouldn't come home and have to pry me out with a giant shoe horn!!! Tell Neil you owe him Pizza(s)!!!!
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        Re: my volunteer has just arrived

        Cool pics
        Either your dome is smaller than mine or your help is bigger than me - it certainly looks like a tight fit!

        I quite liked it inside the dome, nice and peaceful. Actually I considered moving in permanently. But the best moment was when I thought my children had removed the chair I needed to climb out again
        "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)


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          Re: my volunteer has just arrived

          It seemed to me that the closer you were to finishing your oven the more "help" that became available. I certainly had more help after my dome was nearing completion....

          Looking good!!!!!
          My oven progress -



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            Re: my volunteer has just arrived

            Great! Even better than hiring a neighborhood teenager..... and the price is right!
            Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.