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Need help. Cant decide wether to go modular or build.

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    Once you acquire a wet saw - 240 ish at Habor Frieght, you can literally do anything. Learning to cut everything is easy and although it is intimidating at first.... it is really not hard at all to cut every piece you will need to do this. Brick is very forgiving and anything you mess up, you can fix.

    My suggestion, read these forums....look at a lot of builds and plan yours. My first design was a simple sketch on my ipad. Pretty much stuck with it.
    It was such a cool project.
    I believe my kids will grow up and want one someday. Something tells me that I will assist with many more builds as I grow old
    Darin I often cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food... WC Fields Link to my build My Picasa Pics


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      Extending it out further back. I'm going with a fogazzo "treasure chest" I won't have time to build from scratch. I take my hat off to each and every one of you for completing it. I'm building the base this weekend. I'm filling each cavity with concrete.


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        It's been a while. I'm almost there. Went with 4.5" of fiberboard. How many inches of the blanket and how many inches of the vermcrete would one reccommend? Should I use the insulation or vermcrete first? Also trying to figure out the best way to build this upward.

        Thanks again for all the help this site's user provide.