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Need help. Cant decide wether to go modular or build.

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  • Pologuy9906
    Ive looked at the many great builds. Im just trying to be realistic. I could have the base built in one day by professionals. Then i could start with the modular or have it done in four hours by professionals. i like forno bravo's and fogazzo. Whats the heat lose on the brick builds? How hot do they get?

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  • UtahBeehiver
    If you have not looked already, take a look at the FB Pompeli Plans (should be free), although somewhat dated, this will give you a feel of the scope of work needed for a build. Does it take time, yes, do you need to be a skilled tradesman, no (a lot of us never laid a brick prior to building a WFO), is it worth the effort, at least for me it was and I have the satisfaction to say, I built this. Even with a modular built, you still need a base, still need to do finish work, etc. There are a lot of resources on this forum who have done this and done that so you are not reinventing the wheel. It is a very satisfying journey but it does take time and planning. Also look under the Newbie section for "Treasures Hiding in Archives" to view some of the nice build and their work process.

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  • Need help. Cant decide wether to go modular or build.

    Hi all, I spoke to different manufacturers about their products. I spoke to the following:
    Forno Bravo Professionale - 3650
    Mugnaini Prima 100 - 5500
    Earthstone 90 - 3700
    Fogazzo 855/955 - 2099/2200

    Im seriously thinking of going this route but love the idea of my kids helping me build brick by brick. With that said, what are other people noticing about modular vs building? Why are the modular units so expensive? Earthstone raves about his special formula, forgo bravo raves about simplicity and customer service, mugnaini their "ITALIAN" import.

    I'm just trying to see the light through the trees. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated.