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40" homemade cast dome

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    Just saw your post, its been busy around my house. I built an outer mold using 1/4" hardboard that extended several inches above the side of the inner mold. I don't think I took any pics of that. Once the outer mold was in place I poured/packed my home-brew concrete mix in between the two forms. The concrete was just added to the top of the deme and smoothed like icing on a cake. I did not purchase any refractory cement but used a home-brewed mix of cement, lime, clay and cement sand. I also used polypropylene fibers and stainless steel pins 3/4" for added strength. There are some cracks but from what I have read there almost always are. Don't worry though the shape is self supporting and I have been using my oven year round since the moment it was cured. I am pleased with its performance since I cook everything from pizza to brisket in it with great results.
    My oven build in progress:


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      What are the dimensions of the steel studs you used for the doghouse around the oven? 6" x 1 1/4" or 3 1/2" x 1 1/4"?