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New Build - 42" with Santa Maria Grill in So. Cal

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    Hi cnegrelli................I replied to your PM. Maybe I didnt do it right. But yes, that is the SM drop in without firebox. I lined mine with firebrick (see pic). As far as cleaning it out, I raise the grill to very top and I use a large metal dust pan and a 14" drywall taping knife as opposed to a broom. Seems to work a lot better for me...not hard to clean what so ever.......Easier than the WFO by far....grease has not been an issue at all.......some of the firebrick have black spots from grease drippings I guess, but other than that, no issues at all. As far as oxygen control, these pits dont have anything......its obviously open without a lid so no issues controlling the fire. Just have to move the grate up and down based on how hot the fire is. Grease drips onto the coals and fuel the fire.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about the grill......I love it so far. If I knew anything about welding I would try and make myself. Very simple engineering involved.


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      Made a bit of progress over the weekend. Have the durock up, roof is done. Poured the counter landing yesterday. Hopefully pouring the concrete counters this weekend.......Hit the jackpot at Lowes on some stone veneer that was on clearance for 50% off...........That should go up in the coming weeks. Surprisingly there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Onward and Upward!!!


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        Progress...........pouring countertops this week........still have some veneer on the sides and a few other loose ends, but we are getting close here!!!!!


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          I am very close to being 100% finished. The countertops are in.........I would never do it the way I did it again. I poured in a mold and moved to counter instead of pour in place. Because I poured onto melamine, the surface of the counter is very smooth, but moving them was an absolute nightmare. Beyond heavy.....but managed. Just need to let the concrete cure for another 2 weeks before I do an acid wash. That with a lil stucco to finish up the backside so my neighbors dont have an eye sore and I will be DONE!!!!!!!!

          Had a birthday party for my 5 year old twins this past weekend where we cooked about 20 pizzas and loaded up the SM Grill with tri-tips and chicken.......beyond happy with how both performed.


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            A few more pics.