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  • Metal Roof Rafters

    Anyone have experience making metal roof rafters. I have looked everywhere, but failed to find anything. I just do not know how to build them. I may have to use wood rafters as I can make them!

    Thank you

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    There was a recent build, think in MA somewhere where the builder used metal stud to for rafters with slate roof.
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      Thank you!


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        That was me! Steel framing takes some getting used to, but isn't too hard once you learn a couple tricks. You'll want to get "structural" components (22 ga) which are heavier than the 26 ga commonly sold at the big box stores. Real lumberyards carry it. You will also need a good pair of metal snips.

        Please ask if you have specific questions.

        My build thread:


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          a screw gun and snips, and a metal blade on you grinder is all you need, Mark off the edge of your metal work, set the bottom than the top and sides, if its in concrete, use a 22 caliber nail gun to set your studs then slip in the remaing studs and place one screw in the front and back of the studs, use durarock. its quite fast ans easy. If you dont have a 22 caliber nail gun, use a masonary drill and stic a piece of wire in the hole, and nail the stud down, it will have a secure hold much the same as with a gun.