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Do I need to buttress my side walls?

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    Originally posted by Gulf View Post

    Sorry for the late reply. Assuming that is an uninsulated dome, yes, definately! You need as much distance as possibe for insulation. If, what is pictured, is blanket insulation covered by render/ worries imo.
    Ok I will cut the parts around it as what you see it’s just a 3mm coat of refractory mortar that I’ve put around the dome. Which in fact today I had to remove it cause I started curing the oven and I noticed various cracks around the dome so I wanted to see well what was going on.
    I noticed even some smoke coming out from some cracks. Is that normal to happen or did I do something very wrong ? What do you suggest I do now put some refractory mortar to fill in the cracks ? I was planning on keeping the WFO burning the whole day today slowly and tomorrow fill in the cracks and put the insulation on. Is that ok or do I need to wait more in these passages ?
    thanks for the guidance
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      I installed my blanket insulation, a vermicrete layer, and the stucco before starting the heat drying process. I still have cracks. But, there was no turning back for me. Imo, the only ovens that don't have cracks are those that haven't been fired. You don't show a pic from the inside but, I bet it doesn't look that bad. Remember, the dome can't fall in on itself. I have been firing my oven for 7 years. My advice is to insulate, take your time on the further drying fires, and enjoy your oven .
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        The inside of the dome seems fine, today I will proceed with insulation ... thanks for the encouragement..
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          Originally posted by Adamk View Post
          I am almost finished with the chimney, ( only the top cover is left ). I tried to keep the whole weight to the bare minimum in order to avoid the buttressing after all. It was a really hard work cutting those bricks but at least I managed to achieve what I wanted ..
          This is the most beautiful WOF oven chimney I have ever seen. Well done!