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Creating PDF for Pompeii Oven plans

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    Consider a Glossary and use of consistent terms

    Originally posted by jengineer


    (P) Editors (yeah you need to volunteer) please drop me a line and I will send you the first cut word files.

    (M) I'm not sure what kind of a commitment a volunteer to this project is expected to make but if I can work Ad Hoc? please feel free to send me text files (no images as I have only Dial Up Networking)

    (P) Right now the documents are a total of ~4.5 Meg. Then send me inputs. Fred - if those that have built an oven will step up to either be an editor or write up what they would have done or did diffferently and send the photos then we can incorporate the wall-of-tribal-knowledge into the instruction string or have an appendix of lessons learned.

    (M) This is a HUGE undertaking, Patrick and you deserve a lot of credit but you also need a lot of grunt work help. My first suggestion is the establishment of a Glossary and input from the 4-5 regular heavy contributors on TERMS.

    (M) Because those of us who have already completed our ovens know what we mean when we say "slab" we mustn't assume that "slab" is clear to a Newbie. You could save a Newbie some confusion by making a clear distinction between the "Bottom Earth Foundation" (BEF?) and the "Top Hearth Oven Slab" (THOS?)

    (M) I know that I'm compulsive on some issues but in this case, because the cement mixture proportions are so different, I think some redundant clarification may actually be appropriate.


    (P) I will make the obvious edits to the documents and then send them out to the contributing editors.

    (P) When I find out who the editors are we will have some discussions off line.

    (P) James - I will take responsibility for the american .doc

    (M) I think James set a good precedent with his initial instructions by breaking the process into about 5 stages. I suggest we continue from the bottom up so we have a good foundation.

    1- "Bottom Earth Foundation" (BEF?)

    2- "Concrete Block Stand"

    3- "Top Hearth Oven Slab" (THOS?)

    4- "Hearth Bricks" (HB?)

    5- "Igloo Dome" ( ID?)

    6- "Insulation"

    7- "Housing"

    (M) (You could have Sub Sections within each of these if needed.)


    (M) I like Fred's suggestion that:

    (F) "would suggest that a chapter on lessons learned by the members would be a most valuable addition to the effort-if one was not already contemplated."

    (M) In that regard, I'd like to amplify his thought to either have 2 separate chapters, or arrange each of the above 7 general areas into 2 sections or columns, if practical, to include:

    1- LESSONS LEARNED ....... & ....... 2-IMPROVEMENTS MADE

    (M) All of this posting is intended *only* as suggestions. My participation is not contingent upon it's acceptance.


    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
    but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)


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      marcel steps up - another editor

      Spot on Marcel

      2.1 Block wall
      2.2 Brick wall
      2.3 Other derivations
      3.0 Hearth
      3.1 2003 style insulating hearth topped with refractory cement
      3.2 2006 style reinforced concrete topped with insulating hearth
      3.2.1 2006 island same as 3.2 with a thermal concete mass layer
      3.2 derivation metal try filled with insulating hearth and island
      4.0 the floor aka hearth bricks
      5.0 the dome
      6.0 insulation
      6.1 loose fill
      6.2 wrap
      7.0 finish
      7.1 igloo
      7.1.1 mosaic
      7.1.2 copper
      7.2 gable
      7.2.1 faux tile, tile, composition
      7.2.2 grass roof
      8.0 curing and fire building
      9.0 the official napoli pizza
      tools from forno bravo

      note all spelling errors in this response are not my fault

      essentially use the current instructions and graphics as the backbone.

      I would like to thank the following members members who have volunteered ;-) to help in this endeavour, in no particular order, as contributing editors.
      FDN1 - Fred
      colonelcorn - Jim
      aikitarik - Tarik
      robert musa
      svtlightning - mike

      Oopps this isn't the army, ahh, if you are willling to lend your words then drop me a line off line If you are on the list we will probably want your permission to use your photos.

      If I left you off of my thank you for volunteering list then please drop me a line. Once this gets going I may ask our moderator to set up a editors only folder.




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        i'll contribute in any way i can, but don't have so much free time right now. somebody PM me with specifics if i can be of any help.
        overdo it or don't do it at all!

        My 2005 pompeii build


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          Happy to help as well...


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            Pete drop me line -




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              BobC please drop me a line


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                Re: Creating PDF for Pompeii Oven plans

                YOU can create pdf easily if you have a pdf plugin,which can create or process pdf