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final layer before tiling?

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  • final layer before tiling?

    Well into my build and near finishing.
    I have 2 x layers that make 50mm of perlite render, 5 perlite, 1 lime, 1 plastering sand and 1 cement.
    In the UK its hard to get silicone fine particle perlite so the particle size is up to 5mm. I am tiling the dome so i would like to give it one more coat that's smoother. What would be my best mix for this?
    I did think about floor levelling compund mixed so its more workable and not so runny on the dome, but I'm really unsure? Maybe a final 6:1:1 sand, cement and lime mix?
    Any past experience and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am at a similar stage. i considered a commercial leveling mortar mix for outdoor walls. But decided to just level the remaining dents with the tile glue.

    I did apply a primer and waterproof


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      Went for a skim of 5 sand, 1 cement, 1 lime also coated the perlite render in a acrylic primer. Also fitted the steam vent.


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        All of that in one day? Looks great!


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          took about 5 - 6 hrs to do the dome. I'm pretty sure it will be ok for tiling after i read up a little, it will have another coat of acrylic primer before tiling nex weekend. The pebble tiles will have a silver glitter grout for a bit of added bling.
          Very excited to see it finished!
          I did look at moving my post from 'Brick Oven Photos' as i realise this was probably the forum my original post should of been in.
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