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Final render coat before tile.

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  • Final render coat before tile.

    I just finished my oven and I applied 3 -1" layers of ceramic blanket with chicken wire over the dome. Then I applied an 1 1/2 " of a vermicilite / portland mixture embedding the chicken wire. The vermiculite has hardened and now I want to apply a hard final portland cement /sand mix (3 parts sand to 1 part portland). I will give the final cement coat a scratch and then apply thinset and mosaic tile.
    Does this sound about right. If not any advice will be appreciated before I start that final coat with tile. Then I want to start curing the oven.

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    My oven has identical layers, except for extra water-proofing: a primer/sealer for high porosity materials on the perlcrete and then a paint-on water barrier for tiling purposes (bonds with thinset, redguard in US?). But if you waterproof then you should definitely cure the oven first. If your oven is under a roof, then your plan sounds good. (Says someone with only one ovenbuild of experience)
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      Have you considered a vent in the dome? Any water that gets in the dome insulation or is in there (it will get in there) when sublimates to water to vapor increases in volume by a 1500 times. This can cause pressure buildup under the stucco layers with the potential of cracking the stucco, Installing one is cheap and good insurance, just search the blog for dome vents.

      You definitely need to cure before waterproofing and preferably before stucco. There is a ton of water in the vcrete even if the surface looks dry.
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        You should consider adding some alkali resistant fibers to the scratch coat; or just use QuikWall which has the fibers already added. The vent is a really good idea as well.
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