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  • Material Sources in Mexico

    I live in Ciudad de Guanajuato in central Mexico. It was very hard for me to source the materials for my oven build. Many online 'suppliers' showed that they sold, say, Foamglas; but it turned out they really didn't. Responses via email were non-existent for the most part - whatsapp not much better. So the suppliers I purchased from are listed below.

    I went with the refractory mortars from CE Fire, rather than 'home brew.' CE Fire recommend what I call 'castable' for joints over 1/4". The 'castable' has fine pea gravel and fiber reinforcement.

    I could not locate duravent or similar, so I had a local fabricator construct a square double wall flue and filled the annulus with perlite. There are usually a fair number of fabricators wherever you in Mexico are that work with stainless steel (type 430 mostly) for the restaurants and street cart vendors.

    The refractory materials are priced in USD, but payment is in MXN. All purchases required pre-payment via bank transfer.
    Supplier Location Materials Notes
    CE Fire Monterrey
    Ceramic Fiber Blanket
    Ceramic Fiber Board
    Calsil (1", 4'x8')
    Refractory Mortar
    Castable Refractory
    Sourced from China
    Latin Exports Ciudad de Mexico Foamglas
    Aislamientos y Refractarios Monterrey Calcium Silicate Board 5x61x100 cm
    Sustratos Agricolas Ciudad de Mexico
    Perlite 100L sacks
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    This will be a good resource for any other builders in your area.

    My Build: Mongo's 42" CT Stone Dome Build