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36" Corner Build in Southeast Florida

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  • 36" Corner Build in Southeast Florida

    Hello everyone!

    I'm in the research and planning stage for building a ~36” pompeii corner installation.

    We have an existing 15'x15' concrete slab, but I’m considering adding more slab to the corner for the Wood Fired Oven / outdoor kitchen. I’m thinking that I don’t want to span the structure across the existing and future slab due to possible shifting / settling. I’m not sure if that should matter, but this thought led me to a stand design inspired by Sable Springs (“Dragonfly Den”

    My current sketchup drawing
    Click image for larger version

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    I don’t plan on having a roof over top, so I know waterproofing will be important for the build. I’m still trying to source material in the Southeast Florida area where I live. I’ve reached out to Cemex for fire brick based on other forum posts, but so far that’s been a dead end.

    I’m still assessing how practical it is for me to build something like this out. I’m pretty handy all around, but have very little masonry experience other than watching hundreds(?) of hours of youtube videos

    Anyway, I just wanted to start my “build” thread and say hi. Any input / insight is appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum Mike!
    My 42" build:
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      There's quite a few of us that never laid a brick in our lives before building our ovens, so take it slow and pay attention to the details and you will be fine. Keeping an oven dry in your area without a roof is another thing though. Try to find some builds in your area to see how they have dealt with the elements.
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        Welcome to the forum community Mike! As JR noted, very few of us had any masonry skills going into our WFO builds...relax. I thought my 16'x16' slab was enormous until I built the oven & then put a table for 6 in the Dragonfly Den. If I could do it over, I'd definitely go bigger on the covered area. I did have the slab corner poured with a 6" concrete & extra rebar. The rest of the slab was 4" & a normal amount of rebar.

        I'd seriously reconsider leaving your WFO out in the open since keeping it dry/water resistant will be a consistent headache (water proof is a pipe dream ). I've only visited Florida for a short time, but I also suspect putting up a screened cover to keep the bugs from having their "dining" opportunity during a pizza party would be desirable. I'm flattered you liked my stand's sure has been useful having the extra countertop provided by the carts and corner "wings". Good luck, I'm sure it will turn out great!
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          I hate corner builds. If you can get in behind the oven, then ok, but if the supporting slab is jammed up into the corner, it's a real bitch to build an igloo style oven. I'm currently working on a 1.6m internal oven in a restaurant and the application of the vermicrete requires squeezing into a tiny space behind the oven, entering under the stand and squatting for every handful of mix applied. My quads are killing me.
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