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Looking for straight forward plans for an indoor oven build.

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  • Looking for straight forward plans for an indoor oven build.

    I'm looking for plans of dimensions and ratios for the shape that these ovens should be to perform best indoors. I'm most concerned about how to design the flue and chimney so that smoke does not escape as it will be operated in doors. I am less concerned about specific materials as I plan to experiment a bit. Does anyone have any drawings or plans that spell out everything I should know about the shape of construction to minimize smoking out my living space and maximize performance? I am all ears for any science about the thermal dynamics and air circulation of these things as well. Thank you very much.

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    Welcome to the forum. Here's a thread that talks a bit about smoke:
    And this page talks about the two main flue designs:

    One good way to eliminate smoke being a problem with indoor pizza ovens is to have a commercial style kitchen extract hood above the oven mouth. That way, any escaping smoke can be safely extracted and ducted out. An important consideration is to ensure good ventilation to draw in air for the combustion process.

    Most places will have rules / regulations around hoods, ventilation, etc when it comes to any wood burning indoor fireplace or oven. It would make sense to speak with someone in your local area who has experience with the requirements of your Building Code requirements.
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      The free plans available on this site are a good start. The flue should have an adequate diameter for the chosen internal diameter as well as a well designed flue gallery that funnels smoke to the flue pipe. If the flue penetrates the roof it should be a double skinned flue be well away from any roof Timbers and installed by a licences tradesman. If there are to be any bends in the the flue they should not be any flatter than 45 degrees.
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        Thanks for the info guys I'll be in touch if I have more specific questions as I build