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Fire Brick Confirmation

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    Re: Fire Brick Confirmation

    Starting your own thread is much better than piggybacking on someone else's. Readers will know at a glance who's project is being discussed. You will also be able to give the web address of your thread to anyone curious about your project.
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      Re: Fire Brick Confirmation

      Thank you all!

      When I came home from work today I just didn't have it in me to set the first course. It gets way too dark, way too early, and it's way too cold! It's a bone chilling 47 degrees out and I live in Freakin Tampa Forida! Sorry; I left that crap back in Chicago and don't like it when it gets like this.

      I'll start a new thread showing my every step so far; it's pretty amazing to see what's happened in just 5 (partial) build days.

      Thanks again everyone; Just think how lucky we are to have the web. Heck, back in the day you would actually have to pick up the phone and call someone who knew something about this... Maybe thats why it stayed to a more regional skill than a global one.

      Tomorrow will be the start of BA's Dome!

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        Re: Fire Brick Confirmation

        This is all great stuff. Lucky to find it before i start.

        Oven Build:

        Oven cooking: