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La fogarola or foucarola

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  • La fogarola or foucarola


    SO I have been just wondering about the low vault design and rememberd something in my cousins oven that I was going to add to mine but have not seen it talked about here. I am trying to attach a picture as it explains the little door next to the opening that was used to fuel to keep the flame going upward so that the pizza would cook on top.
    I found references to something like this in Alan Scott's book where he talks about using kindling inside the oven and I believe that is what many folks are doing on the site just curious as I would envision some sort of cast iron door there or something as well to mabe stop the heat from escaping if that was a concern.

    Curious as to what folks think?


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    Re: La fogarola or foucarola

    Wow, No. The edges of the door opening get really hot. Sticking your hand in that little door to fuel the fire would be really dangerous. You just throw your additional wood in the oven door.

    Completely counterproductive, in my opinion.
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      Re: La fogarola or foucarola


      When I visted my uncle in Italy this summer I noticed he had the same little side door. I asked him what it's used for and he said a small flame is kept there to help see. Here's a photo.

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        Re: La fogarola or foucarola

        It is funny everyone has seen the door and has a different opinion of what it is used for. The correct spelling is FUCAROLA at least in Itri. Not only is it used to see but it seems to be used to keep kindling going...see how your uncle seems to keep some fire there as well. I also found an old picture of this bakery my parents use to take me here in Cranston. They also had a door in a similar spot for the bred and the owners son said the other day the used it to see.

        Not sure if I am going to do it yet but it has a little at least say where I am from. I was thinking if I put it and put a stainless steel piece of metal there to open and close it may keep the heat in if I wanted to retain heat over night.

        Thanks for the picture I am glad I am not the only one who has seen it.