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  • Curing Fire

    I am near the end of what feels like my never ending build. Just need t sort out my chimney which I posted a question about in another thread and then insulate and render.
    I have done a lot of reading about curing fires but can't find a definitive answer onto whether to have a curing fire before or after i insulate and render.
    I would think that maybe I should do a curing fire before I insulate so i dont lock the moisture in.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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    Wayne.......that is a long standing debate on here. I dried my oven w/the insulation off, as do some others. That is the way I recommend and will continue to do so w/future ovens. However, there are builders that choose to do it w/the insulation on. Both methods work. The real trick is to go slow and steady w/your drying fires. Don't be in a rush.
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      Wayne, check out this the whole thing is worth it. I just got done curing and basically followed the approach that emerged over time, which is reflected in the thread.

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