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Newbie making a pizza oven.

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    Originally posted by Bauffman View Post
    T Was hoping that fireclay or something else would be ggod to line it instead of cutting and doing the friebrick.
    Well, people do make oven domes without bricks. A common method for the back to basics type people is to make a sand mound covered in wet news paper, form a dome over the mound from a wet mixture of clay and sand then, when the mix is dry enough to stand up by itself, dig the sand out through the door.
    But, these domes aren't really permanent. They seldom get hot enough to fire the clay all the way through, so if they get at all wet they deteriorate.
    You can also form a dome from castable refractory in a similar manner. That will be pretty good, but if it isn't the right stuff, it won't cure properly at pizza oven temps either. And it will be expensive.
    I've built three ovens now. The most recent was last year for a mate. This was the most traditional design. A straight out 36 inch pompeii oven. Insulation under the floor. Dimensions per the recommendations, 0.63 ratio door to internal height. Door width about 50% of the oven width. Dome half a brick (~ 4.5 inches) thick. 8 inch flue.
    The only thing I couldn't persuade the big fella on was over dome insulation, he just loved the look of the brickwork and I couldn't change his mind. I figured what the hell he's not big on doing three days worth of retained heat baking anyway.
    Well, I went to his place a few weekends ago and we put the thing through its paces cooking for 20 people. Even with no over dome insulation, this thing rocks. Great performance. The thermal mass is right, the oven is efficient, drafts well, white inside in less than 2 hours,etc.
    Nothing wrong with a barrel vault shape mate, but to avoid disappointment, try to get the fundamentals right - chimney outside the dome, try to get some insulation under the floor - especially if this is a pizza oven v a baking oven - get the ratio of inner arch to dome height right, etc.
    Seems to me you can use a lot more whole bricks in a barrel vault if cutting them is a problem for you.
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      wotavidone Thank you for the advice. I am learning a lot from every ones comments and post. It is a learning process!