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precast modular oven , seam pointing?

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  • precast modular oven , seam pointing?

    this WFO thing is getting more an interesting. feeling like a club
    Dropped off my kid at his summer camp and overheard two fathers discussing WFO cooking. i joined in, seen awesome vids of pizza sizzling inside and shared that i'm building oven myself. at which point i was asked if I can assist with maintenance of a WFO in question as while the owner is great cook he knows little about construction.

    the oven in question is a modular precast dome (4 pieces i believe), about 10 years old, kit was put together by a landscaper, not by a professional mason.
    aside of moisture issues the owner suspects that heat escapes into cracks between the dome panels further wrecking havoc on insulation.
    i'm still waiting on pictures of the issue, but can the seams of the dome be repointed (with heatstop or homebrew)?

    one thing for sure, i will need to open the housing to add insulation and most probably redo the top cover - owner said the roof which is a concrete slab cracked, he assumes from heat.

    starter culture for the dough and training are promised as compensation, sounds like a perfect deal to me as i'm clueless in that regard

    My 36" -