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Removing ash from hot oven

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  • Removing ash from hot oven

    When you guys cook with residual heat in the following days after making pizza, do you remove all the ash? If so, what do you use to remove the ash from a hot oven? Normally I use a brush but I'm guessing the bristles will melt.

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    My pizza-oven-toolkit came with all kinds of gadgets such as a scoop, a scraper and a metal-brush-on-a-stick. The brush is somewhat convenient, but you can also use a piece of coper pipe to blow the ashes to the back before scooping them out with your pizza peel.

    The peel is probably the most versatile tool but a pipe is the most under-rated tool. It's also great for reviving a lazy fire.
    Ashes and embers get collected in a metal bucket to let them cool further.

    For pizza and bread you need a perfectly clean floor, so I finish off with a damp cloth wrapped around my pizza peel.


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      Probably better not to use the metal brush as there have been incidents of people ingesting a bristle that’s broken off. It can perforate stomach, intestines or bowel. I agree about the blow pipe, but be careful to blow not suck.
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        Thanks guys. I have and use the blow pipe. I didn't know if there was anything else for getting the floor perfectly clean that I hadn't thought of.


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          Originally posted by david s View Post
          I agree about the blow pipe, but be careful to blow not suck.
          This made me laugh
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