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    Re: Mitch's Oven

    Very nice, looking forward to following your progress.



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      Re: Mitch's Oven

      awesome... subscribed!
      My 2nd Build:
      Is here


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        Re: Mitch's Oven

        You're taking things to a whole new level - very cool!
        I'll enjoy watching your progress.



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          Re: Mitch's Oven

          Nice fish! Great build. Good thing you don't play golf. You'd never get any work done on the oven!
          Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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            Re: Mitch's Oven

            Hey Mitch,
            Great to see you back. This was a great one to watch before you left. Looking forward to what is to come, this will be one we will all learn from.



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              Re: Mitch's Oven

              Well finally more progress. Life has been in the way.

              I have progressed a fair bit since the last post.

              The Polystyrene Dome Former I used

              Go Dome Go.

              Formers for the Entrance Arch

              The dome is closed in now and am working on the insulation/weather dome.

              I have more photos, will post them soon - have to download them frmo the camera.

              There will definately be pizza this xmas, I know Ive said that before
              oven pics:


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                Re: Mitch's Oven

                So I got the done Closed in Im missing some photos they are around somewhere.

                This has an inch thick ceramic blanket over the dome with a double layer over the top for good measure.

                Then the fun part starts, making the weather proof cover dome.

                The black straps are metal pallet strapping, I got a whole roll for $9 NZD from an auction site it weighed about 80kg and is working out well for making the weather dome which is 100mm/4" off the brick.
                I have used the strapping to make the little spacers and everything is riveted together. Once the shape is done Ill put mesh over it and plaster it.

                I am waiting on some steel work to transition the brick into the flue after which I will be able to shape the cover over the arch.
                Incase you are wondering what the little kinks in the strap are they were the best way I found to adjust the tension to try and keep the dome nice and spherical.

                Oh and heres a vid of the dome internal now Ive taken the supports out.
                I did this so I could see inside for the first time without crawling in there.
                I have since grovelled in there on my back and cleaned it up and filled the bits I missed so its now ready for fireing.

                oven pics:


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                  Re: Mitch's Oven

         is looking great! Good work!


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                    Re: Mitch's Oven

                    Originally posted by lobo_nz View Post
                    This has an inch thick ceramic blanket over the dome with a double layer over the top for good measure.
                    Are you sure just an inch worth of blanket is sufficient? Or are you also planning on adding additional insulation using a cement mix of vermiculite or perlite before plastering?

                    Very nice build, btw...
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                      Re: Mitch's Oven

                      The gap between the ceramic blanket and the plaster will be filled with Vermiculite. the insulation will be just over 100mm/4", 25mm/1" of ceramic blanket and 75mm/3" of Vermiculite.
                      The Plaster will form an outer shell to contain the Vermiculite which will be filled once I get the mesh on the dome.
                      That should be plenty.
                      oven pics:


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                        Fantastic build.. impressive!

                        Realise this is an old thread - but may get a response....

                        Curious how, and what, you have used to surround/cover the ash chute...Keeping the floor bricks, insulation etc in place and water-tight?

                        How wide is it? And how far from the front of the inner arch did you locate it?

                        Would you have done anything different?


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