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    Originally posted by Mr.Pizza3 View Post

    i noticed when pulling the pizzas or spinning them it was trickier due to not trying to push it into the rear fire

    to be honest since it was a curing fire I didn’t wanna do anything too X-crazy with placement I chose to push it almost all the way to the back so I could spread it more and allow the dome to be more evenly heated as much as I wanted to cook pizza I had to keep reminding myself what we were actually doing with the fires

    next week when she’s fired back up I will be starting with a side fire and experimenting!

    isn’t that the best part? Learning the characteristics of your oven?

    also my fuel source is mainly aged ash not sure if it’s considered a hard wood but I have virtually an unlimited supply of it and it burns very very hot

    also have a few people willing to give me some hickory, maple, and some oak which I will use for roasts etc adding in some nice flavor!
    Sounds great! I burn a variety of fruit woods with olive being the hardest and hottest burning.
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