I posted the progress of my first oven, an 81 inch ID, traditional brick oven that I built for my pizza shop 4 years ago and still going strong.

I have a new project underway, a mobile brick oven in a 48ft moving van, big event oriented. 52 inch interior diameter, 4 inch thick dome, perl-crete insulation built on a steel frame. Designed to be "modular", the oven, frame and all, can be picked up and moved out for replacement if necessary or to relocate to a fixed facility. Van is "double drop" with air ride, will house all water, generators, walk-in cooler, dough making capabilities along with pizza building area and wash area...good for days at a time away from home.

Yes, it looks like a baby grand piano...that may become it's new nickname..

BTW, thanks for the number of views for my 81 inch oven post....at over 44,000 views...it's one of the most looked-at brick oven posts on the web..see that thread in FornoBravo here;