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foundation for warm climate (eastern North Carolina)

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  • foundation for warm climate (eastern North Carolina)

    Reading Caliea's 42" Pompeii in Eastern NC build thread, it appears that I could go without a poured slab foundation. For her build, the lowest course of blocks was placed level in a trench and dry quickcrete was added to stabilize it all. Have others used this approach successfully in places where the ground never freezes?

    - Brian

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    Why not pour just a monolithic pad?
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      We do fence posts like that down here in MS. But, nothing structural. Our frost line is about 3" for nearly two weeks out of the year . We do however, worry about a mix of different types of soils. Our clays swell when wet and shrink when dry. Like Russell, I think that a monolithic slab is a great investment for what you are about build.
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        Given that the foundation and stand are long term investments (can always rebuild the oven on top), I'll be going with a poured slab foundation. Soil (if you can call it that!) here is sand with no significant clay content.