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Looking to Fabricate Stainless Pizza Oven

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  • Looking to Fabricate Stainless Pizza Oven

    Hi All, Hope everyone is well and have had great Holidays! I’ve joined the forum because I have decided I would love to build my own simi portable pizza oven. I work in a large sheet metal fab shop so I have all the means necessary to cut, form, weld etc. I have been researching for a while now and have some ideas on how I would like to build this out of stainless but looking for any advice. Basically I am thinking of using 14Ga (.075” Stainless)(1.9MM) inner and outer bowl with 1” (25mm) insulation with a 5” square pipe exhaust either inside chamber but dropped down to a lower height or in a separate outer chamber. Also thinking I will add a double walled insulated back and front as well as 2” insulation to floor.
    Although I’ve scoured the internet for days I am unable to find any exact details, plans, drawings etc. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again!

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    Welcome to the Forum community. Most of the ovens represented here are built with & firebricks or cast with refractory material. That said, we have had quite a few builds based on metal. The major problems with metal is that it does not retain/store enough heat generally for extended bakes & the extreme stresses put upon it & the joins during firing cycles. The flue placed just outside the oven chamber promotes proper heat circulation and provides the option to retain heat by using a door to close off the chamber.

    As to plan specs, you should look at some of the home, metal pizza ovens now available on the market to see if building or buying is your best option. If you fabricate your own, he aware you will want a brick or refractory cooking floor insulated beneath & top insulation for safety and efficient heating of the chamber. Good luck!
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      One of our new members Oven_Man recently opened a thread about a stainless oven he had fabricated and some of the issues he is having with heating. Might be a good read for you and I'm sure he would be happy to answer any questions you have about what he has done and what he might have done differently.
      My build thread


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        My second oven build was constructed of stainless steel (with 1" stone floor), here's the thread (page 3)

        It worked ok, did not approach the performance of a brick oven, there is no substitute for mass to store heat.

        Pros: very fast to heat, construct and takes less space (a concern if it's an indoor oven), much lighter overall weight
        Cons: cools down quickly and difficult to regulate temperature, inconsistent temperatures in oven and more difficult bake a perfect Neapolitan pizza