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Opening of WFO measurements?

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  • Opening of WFO measurements?

    Hey Builders!

    I have not found actual measurements of the arch opening and angled actual opening.

    I am guessing the the inner arch is 18.5" and the outer arch is 21.5"-22.5" based on looking at photos. This would create a wider opening for cooking but still have the narrow opening for heat.

    is there a post or info on these measurements?

    Thanks to all.

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    I suggest you download the free eplans from our host Forno Bravo, This info is in the plans and is based on the size and type of oven.
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      I just was able to download the plans! Thanks!
      The plans are as good as the forum and site, in general.

      Thanks, again.


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        The plans are a good baseline but somewhat dated and there have been many improvements developed by the members. It will give you a good start for design and layout and the members can fill in the gaps/
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          I just read through the Pompeii Plans download, twice. I am glad the most of the early platform I accomplished correctly. thanks to advice here.

          I still have the same question, though.

          At the door opening there are flairs on some projects. It looks like a flair for access. Maybe 21" flaring out to 24-25" over a distance of 12" deep.

          Any idea if there are drawings of the flared entrance to use? I am concerned about the brickwork with the flared entrance and the angles.

          Thanks, all.


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            G'day Travelinman,
            I'm not 100% but I think the flare you refer to is in the "length" of the vent or opening? If this is correct the flare as far as I know is to allow for a door to be fitted against a reveal so as to keep the heat in. I've just completed my entry and I didn't do a flare, I have a reveal around 30mm which will allow a door to be installed.
            Adelaide, Australia.


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              Thanks, Greg!