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  • Casa100 Build - Chico CA

    After having a WFO in my bucket list for at least ten years. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a Casa100. It arrived on a pallet a couple of weeks ago. I took oven and parts off the pallet and moved them around to the back yard piece by piece with the help of my convertible dolly.

    I'm stoked but also apprehensive about the work ahead. That thing is huge! Maybe I should have bought the 80 LOL.

    I had originally thought about driving down to Salinas to look at ovens but I decided to just have it shipped. $250 wasn't bad although I could have spent a couple of day in Monterey with my wife

    The plan is a corner build. I'll put the oven against the back fence of my yard (three feet away) and build a patio around it. I spent the last two weekends creating a Sketchup Model. I'll build two extensions off the oven for countertop space. Guests can put together pizzas on the left side while the chef works on the right.
    • Plan so far:
      • Two counter wings
      • Stucco the face of the block and counters
      • Primitive wooden doors for storage under the counters
      • Back splash so stuff doesn't fall off the back
      • Hardi Backer for all counter faces (and stucco)
      • Mosaic tile on the counter tops and back splash. Base made of plywood and Hardi Backer
      • Weep holes in the hearth and mosaic tile under the fiber board for channeling
    • Unknown
      • I don't know if I will build a "House" or an "Igloo"
      • Fitting around the chimney seems complex.
      • How to keep it water tight
    I plan to document the build here. I have done this before on other forums.
    • Attached
      • Pallet in the driveway
      • Dome and floor dry fitted on the patio
      • Corner where the oven is going
      • Sketchup model so far
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