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My 32" oven build has begun

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  • Re: My 32" oven build has begun

    Hi Dave hope you had a great Christmas and new years.
    The flue size doesn't worry but but it does if you know what I mean. I would prefer a clean arch but can happily live with a dirty one as it does give it character and shows it is used. I still need to acid wash the arch anyway so once done and sealed apart from what will be the dirty area the rest will stand out more vibrant.
    I'm really enjoying this oven and since cooking I have found one major flaw in my landing it's not bloody level. This is a problem as when you take food out to see if it's ready you haven't got a level surface to rest it on unless you take it out completely. I'll have to fix it with something portable that's put in place when needed. All up I'm glad I built it.