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Mississippi 44"

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  • Nice job! Is that big foot behind the scarecrow?


    • Joe, Great addition to your property. The "sentry" in the background is a nice touch! Giovanni


      • Wow Joe, You have been busy this year. Looks great! Is that your dog house (when Jenny is mad at you) about the wood
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        • Joe, your wood storage area might be nicer than my house Great design and craftsmanship!
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          • Thanks y'all,

            It was a lot of fun to build. Jenny is ok with how it turned out. I have a little work on the inside to do before we can use the storage part. But as for as outward appearance, it is one of the few "completed looking" projects on our place. She is ready for the rest of the 99 major projects to appear finished lol.

            I made Big Foot for the grandkids about 5 years ago. Since then, there have been numerous "sightings" around this time of year. One of the neighbors has named it the "Sand Hill Squatch". Lessons learned, I no longer place it where it can be seen to easily from the roadway. I was told that someone once viewed it through a rifle scope
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