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36" in DFW Area - Building the Oven!

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    Re: 36" in DFW Area - Building the Oven!

    Thanks guys...So far it has worked great for us...

    Gulf - I really have no idea, but I took the info I gleaned from several builds... two that come to mind are Sharkey pg 2, posts #19 & #20 and GianniFocaccia pg 17 post #167. Looking back at them ours might go higher...hard to tell. I just wanted to get them reasonably level and the dry stacking I did in the garage seemed pretty stable.

    The vent opening was 6" square at the top and the Duravent we used was 6". The anchor plate shown in the lower left corner in picture #1 on page 4 post #35 was inserted in the hole cut into the 12x12 brick and screwed in where you see the screw holes marked in picture #2. So far, the oven vents great with a few wafts of smoke out the front when the oven first starts and on a windy day, we get a little smoke out front. I think the 6" is OK... we looked at doing a larger vent, but felt would have needed to make the vent area deeper than the 9" to fit it in. The base plate for the 6" is 10" square, 7" is 11" and the 8" is 12". We didn't want the screws to be too close to the edge of the block.

    The dimensions of the anchor plate are on pg 32 here

    The chimney pipe length is 7 ft (3 ft section + 4 ft section) plus a chimney cap.

    I guess time will tell. Got my fingers crossed it lasts my lifetime.
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      Re: 36" in DFW Area - Building the Oven!

      That is a really nice setup. Well done and congrats. Thanks for posting all the details as well. This is am excellent tutorial from start to finish.

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        Re: 36" in DFW Area - Building the Oven!

        Congratulations Texas, that is a nice looking oven and an excellent job with the detailed documentation too.

        Regarding Gulf?s concern with your reverse arch vent, I think that yours would have gone close to being self-supporting when dry stacked without the form. You certainly could have built it without using the form. I know mine stacked ok, but it was a bit lower.

        For others that will certainly use this build as a reference in the future Gulf is suggesting that adding some interlocking bricks to the structure would be beneficial, especially if you were going to add more weight on top of the vent. With mine I made the reverse arch bricks for the vent wider than the final opening width then reduced with the levelling row interlocking at both the front and back. See the attached pic ? it explains it.

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          Re: 36" in DFW Area - Building the Oven!

          I don't know why, but last night this pic appeared to have about a 4 ? ? to 5? opening.

          Click image for larger version

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          Shadowing, my old eyes, I don't know?) I looked at it much closer this evening. It does appear to have 3" of reveal on each side of the hole. From a 12 X12, that would leave a 6" opening. I knew that you had a 6" flu. But, at the time, this transition brick appeared to me as a bottleneck. Six inches is fine for a 36" oven. My apologies .

          As for as the interlocking of the corners for a vent/flu transition goes, that is just my humble opinion. My ideas for how one should be built require deeper entries. That is not a popular subject for this site .

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