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    Dome is closed and I am moving on to the entry & chimney.

    Hit a bit of a snag, could use some advice on. The oven arch sits on top of the floor bricks and I did not cut the entry floor bricks to shape when I started the oven which was a mistake. I thought I would remove the entry floor bricks so the arch could sit on the vermicrete, but some cant be removed as the weight of the dome is sitting on them. So looks like the entry arch and chimney will also be sitting on the floor bricks.

    I was thinking of leaving a heat break (you can see in one picture) and also originally thought to only do a front arch and tie the smoke collection area/chimney to the oven arch. I now realize, the only thing holding the two sides together would be the front arch and where I eventually get to the opening for the 8” chimney. Is this ok?

    Option B is to have a back arch and a front arch – would effectively make it an independent “box” for the entry/chimney.

    The Argentine grill also arrived – I am starting to get my dimensions right for how to build the firebox to hold it. Anyone unfamiliar with the Argentina style, the crates are V shaped and on an angle to collect the fat and avoid flareups. The wheel can raise or lower. I’ll have a Brasero on one side to hold the wood fire and then you can rake the coals under the cooking area.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts


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      Progress has been slow, but I'll take any progress.

      Started on the common brick for the outside. A lot more difficult than i expected at first, but getting a little faster as i learn.

      Also started the metal framing for the enclosure. It is currently 48" in front and 42" in back. 48" in front should give enough headroom clearance. I plan to have the rook extend over the front a bit. Planned on ordering a 3' chimney. Will only be about 16" above the roofline, hopefully that is not an issue since zero flammable material in construction. Sides of enclosure will be recycled tin/metal siding. Roof maybe new metal or the same as siding.

      Any tips at this point? I could still change the height of the chimney or the slope of the roof.

      With any luck I can cover with the insulating blanket this weekend and get my first curing fire while i work on the outside.


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        Just make sure the corner of your roof is high enough not to clock you in the head!
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          Made progress this weekend. More framing, more exterior brickwork, and started curing fires.

          Seems to be drafting really well - pic 3.
          Getting dark after 3 fires (100, 200, 300 F measured at the top of the dome) except for the 3 bottom rows. Curious if this is because smoke is drafting out nicely and not hovering so low or because there is still so much moisture.
          My curing fires have been going for 3-4 hours. I read some advice that said just to get to the temp and let it die and others said to keep it going as long as possible. Guess I am splitting the difference.....
          Chimney only loosely fitted and roof is also only partially done. Chimney seems to dent really easily. Came out of the box with a nice big dent. Probably a neat trick out there on how to remove the dents if anyone has any ideas.

          Not sure how much I will get done this week after work & potential for rain. Pain to cover with tarps now that it is so big with the framing.

          Feel like I am in the home stretch but still a super long list of things to do.


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            That is a big milestone...Now, prepare to see cracks somewhere along the way, then move on.

            Looking good!
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