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Heat loss through oven opening

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  • Heat loss through oven opening

    I just completed my Pompeii oven - 46" diameter, 23" center height (+/-), 20.5" wide opening, 12.75" arched opening height (metal), 6" x 10" chimney vent at top of brick arch, 12" landing

    So, when starting fire, I get a fair amount of smoke out of the opening and every time I add new logs to fire. I followed design dimensions pretty accurately, so I'm not sure if this is normal or do I need to modify something.

    I have a rain protective cap on top of 4" vent pipe. A neighbor suggested a cap that allows better airflow across the top of vent to draw smoke and possibly a flue valvle to control draw.

    I would really appreciated any insights, anyone can provide. It's a tad frustrating to have smoke and heat out of the opening instead of up the vent stack. Thanks very much


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    A 4" vent pipe is undersized for a 46" oven. The FB plans call for an 8" pipe for a 40" plus diameter oven. A 6x10 opening at the top of your arch is good but that 4" pipe is not going to draw enough air.
    You need an 8" pipe.
    - George

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      I’m with Mongo on this. My oven is 42” and I have 3’ of 8” pipe... check it out, I still get smoke out the front. There are a lot of variables. Wind is a biggie.
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