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Home brew mortar problems

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  • Home brew mortar problems

    I have been using Heat Stop so far, and everything was ok. I decided to switch to a home brew mix with ratio of (3:1:1:1) 3 parts sand: 1 part portland cement: 1 part lime: 1 part fireclay.

    I mixed everything and did my first application today with the new home brew. Something is wrong!! the mix is not holding together. It's crumbling and not sticking on the firebricks. I made the mix a bit more "liquidy" by adding more water. I just tested an area that dried off, and the bricks came apart and the mix basically crumbled in my hand.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help

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    Try 6;1;1;1 use really fine sand. I like to add more lime and less Portland Why did you switch? maybe the heatstop would be better for you in the long run..

    The cost of living continues to skyrocket, and yet it remains a popular choice.


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      should be fine. That is what I am using and it is working great. Make sure you are using the right lime and mortar fireclay. I mix dry ingredients and then add water and mix until slightly creamy. Try a small trial batch? I use a small tuperware bowl and do it by roughly measured parts. Not an exact science for me and seems to work fine. Are you wetting your bricks? I soak the bricks and then mist the receiving bricks so they don't suck the moisture out of the homebrew. Let us know if you figure out the issue.


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        My problem was not wetting the bricks first. Once I soaked them, the home brew worked. Thanks for the advice