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What utensils can be used in the oven?

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  • What utensils can be used in the oven?

    Hey! I want to build a new oven and really wanted to cook the stew in the oven, but my previous experience turned out to be two spoiled pans for me. I need reliable cookware that will withstand the temperature of the oven (not open fire, but already cooling coals). Do you think any of the dishes from this article will do?

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    I use cast-iron skillets, and a cast iron dutch oven with no ceramic glaze. Both work great. the only caveat is that if you cook with a live fire, it may burn off the seasoning. Certainly if you do the 2 minute ribeye trick - you'll be reasoning your skillet. That said, it's pretty easy to coat it with some oil/fat and throw it into a 500 degree oven the next day. Gives a pretty bulletproof seasoning layer

    I don't have a ceramic coated dutch oven. Had one, it chipped, so I switched to raw metal
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      We have some bain-marie stainless steel dishes that work very well for bread tins. Also a large glazed cast iron dish with lid that works well for smaller roasts. Then we have a bigger cast iron Dutch oven which we use for larger roasts and we have just found, in a secondhand shop, a virtually new large stainless steel roasting dish with lid, suitable for something like a large roast, such as a large turkey. In short, cast iron works and stainless steel works.

      Those Lodge cast iron pots with lids will work well, either enamelled or not. Avoid any "non-stick" cookware in my view.
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        Thanks for the recommendations. I will be looking for reliable cast iron and stainless steel cookware. I think we should expect quite high prices, because truly reliable and heat-resistant cookware will cost a lot.