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My wood fired pizza oven seems to let more smoke out from the door than the chimney

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  • My wood fired pizza oven seems to let more smoke out from the door than the chimney

    I have made my first pizza oven. I used what appears to be a "common" technique, where I used a gym ball, and covered it in a perlite/concrete mix. The oven works fine, the pizza's come out amazing!

    The problem I have is that the majority of the smoke does not appear to go up the chimney

    This video shows my oven leaking smoke (and it is attached)

    The dome was built on top of an 85cm (33inch) gym ball, and the width of the door is 44cm (18 inches) and height is 28cm (11inch). The chimney diameter is 8cm (3.1 inches) and sits inside the "door way"

    I'm wondering if the issue is the chimney is not wide enough or if it could be the chimney is in the wrong place?

    I'm hoping some one has experienced something similar, because whilst the pizza is amazing, everyone in the garden goes home smelling like a bonfire. I also have no idea what other information would be useful so apologies if I end up making you ask extra questions

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    Your flue pipe is way too small. For an oven the size of yours , it should be 6" (150 mm). All new and still damp ovens tend to be a bit smokey, but an 80mm diameter pipe is too small for even the smallest oven of this configuration. My ovens are 540 mm (21”) and sport a 125mm diameter pipe.

    As we’ve had no reports of the long term success of these insulative domes survival, can you report back to the forum on how it’s going after 6 months. We’d also be most interested in the recipe you used for your mix.
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      See here also:


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        david s

        This is a post about how I think my oven has gotten on. It's hard to write up as I have nothing to compare it against.