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Chimney design, brick or casting refractory

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  • Chimney design, brick or casting refractory

    Hello there,
    Ive been busy with the brick work of my new oven, for a moment I thought I was never going to finish. I share a few pictures of the building process. Please feel free to point out if catch any mistakes.

    Now I come to the community for help, I need to build the chimney, my oven has in ID 105 mm so im going to buy a 8" SS double wall pipe, but I dont know if I will be building the base from bricks or castable. Does anyone here have any experience doing molds for castable that can share some knowledge or to point me to the right direction?

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    Im trying to upload but dont let me, it says the extension doesnt match, it is a jpg thought.

    Does anyone know whats the problem or a work around?


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      The issue were the size of the photos, please feel free to comment on the building process and help for the chimney design or build. Thanks


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        That looks very nicely built, im just about at the same stage as you, i have my dome built and just about to start the outer arch and chimney transition, but im not sure n the best method, in my mind i would think im going to build up the arch using firebrick and transition that to a square opening, which i will then hopefully find an 8" anchor plate similar to the image attached which the stainless insulated chimney can attach, from the anchor plate up i will use my decorative bricks. im hoping this is the correct way to go but im not so confident that the flow will be right as it will get trapped in the lower part of the anchor plate, unless i cut the lower circle off and just keep the flat plate and 8" connector on?

        Anyone able to help us out here if they have done similar?


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          Brad I personally do not see the need to cut the bottom portion off. I used this type of anchor plate attached is a pic of the bottom and top side of the plate and brick.
          Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link


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            I did like Russell and left the bottom flange intact. I just radiused out my opening like shown and slid the adapter down into the hole.
            My build thread


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              great thanks guys i think il do like russell has and curve the bricks!