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Chimney design, brick or casting refractory

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    Glad I was able to help. My dome isn't as round as it could be, but it think it gives it character Some of the artisans on the forum built forms to help ensure roundness and indeed their domes look like perfect hemispheres.
    My build thread


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      I was going to make a 50 mm perlite/concrete rendering, but I made the mistake of not making any reference point to know when to stop. At this point it looks ok, maybe I will finish it here, IŽll just finish the dome with a little more rendering, just to make it as round as possible and then wait some days before the gradual fires.

      As you can see in the photos, I have the door of the oven ready, I just need to finish it, Išll buy some nice looking hard wood and work the handles on the lathe. The cutting of the door is the only process of the whole oven that I send out to do it, I wanted a super clean cut, so I looked for a local shop that has laser cut, it came out perfect. Išl share some photos of the door once is done.

      IŽm so exited at this point, canŽt wait.


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        Finally I can say that the main oven construction is over, details of decorations I will do them in the near future, but for now, Išll wait a couple more days for the Perlite render to cure before I start with the curing fires.
        Išll do at least 7 days in a row of gradual fires, using coals for the first couple of days as I think it is easier to control by firing the coals on my grill, then put them inside the oven just the amount of coals that will ensure a constant temperature. During the weekdays I donŽt think I will have the time to do more than 3 hours of curing, so, if 7 days are not enough, I will do another 5 or 7.

        Here are some photos of the finish oven.


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          I started with curing fires, five consecutive days, the first two days I took the oven up to 200 °C for 4 hours, then the next two days up to 300 °C, and on the fifth I decided to take it up a notch and stop if I started to see steam which never occurred, so, I reached 450°C. Profiting the fires I didŽt want all the energy to waste, so I took some coals out of the oven and made a T-Bone steak for lunch. For dinner I took some pizza that I had on my fridge and put them in the oven. I put the door after the flame went out to see how much heat retain during the night (I put the door when the dome was around 480°C), the next morning (12 hours later) the dome was at 300°C, so I went to the butcher store and bought some steak to make a traditional Mexican dish called Barbacoa (it is a low temp, long cook dish), being that 300°C still very high temperature, I covered the meat with stock and spices and every hour I was refilling with stock so it doesnŽt dry up. At the end it came a very nice soft meat which was delightful.

          I share some photos of the process, I show also my inner flue where you can see no smoke came out in the front arch, which means is working properly.

          Next week Išll be doing the first pizzas Neapolitan style.



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            Now the fun begins!!

            Saturday night I fired up my oven to make some pizzas, they came out looking and tasting good.

            The next morning I profit the residual heat of the oven and made a porchetta and some bread with pizza dough left overs.

            I share some photos of the food.



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              That porchetta looks fantastic! Good crumb on your bread as well! (...and of course the pizza looks fabulous too!) Thanks for posting the pics and really glad that you are using the oven throughout it's potential cooking ranges. You've made me hungry enough to start looking for an early lunch...
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                Plus one on Mike's comments
                Google Photo Album []


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                  Hello community, I want to share some photos of how I finish my oven door. As you can see, I didnŽt use any isolation material to retain heat, I did this mainly for two reasons:

                  1. I want to be able to use the door as draft control, so I need it to be flat so I can regulated the amount of air by placing it on the outer arch
                  2. Before finish the door, I used it several times to close the door after pizza nights, and even without insulation, I manage to continue cooking for up to 36 hours, which is more than enough for me.

                  Please, let me see your comments.