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So my oven cracked. Advice needed.

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  • So my oven cracked. Advice needed.

    Hey everyone

    So a 2 years ago I decided to build a cast homebrew oven. I made it on a wooden structure because I was living at a rented place and, though I expected to live there at least five years.

    Link to the original build is attached.

    I got got it insulated and fired it one time before fall came, but I did have steam coming off it once during the firing process though I tried to actually go slower than every guide I could find. I packed it up for the winter. Last year some things changed, and we bought a house. My brother in law works as a fork lift technician, so he was able to borrow a massive trailer and a fork lift, so I was actually able to have it moved to my new house.

    Now I have a cack in it. In the inner dome from the front opening and maybe 2/3 back. There is also a Crack ind the outer dome, so I actually have some smoke coming out when starting a fire.

    What would you suggest I could do from here? I figured I would remove the insulation around the Crack and replace that and then when everything is dry I would render it. I would just let the Crack in the inner dome be and then be more careful when I eventually upgrade it.

    Any tips are greatly appreciated.
    Hi Previously I made this thread about my upcoming pizza oven build: Since the thread is named "planning" and I have actually started my build now, I'll make a new one.

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    Visible steam is an indication that you are pushing the water out too fast and it is highly likely to create cracks. I prefer to push the water out after insulating but before rendering the outer shell as it allows the moisture to escape more easily. There’s not much you can do about the inner dome crack. You can try to repair it but it’s rarely successful. Fill the cracks in the outer shell after all the moisture has been eliminated. Throw some sheet plastic over the dome during firing to see if it condenses on the underside. This will tell you if It’s dry or not.
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      Alright thanks David. I figured repairing the inner dome was a lost cause.

      I did try to be diligent when heating up. Apparently I failed.

      Oh well. The pizza is good.


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        As they say, there are two kinds of oven owners, those that have cracks and those who lie about their ovens having cracks.
        I’d be interested though, to know if you added burnout fibres to your homebrew mix to assist in safer water removal.
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          I am uncertain from the narrative if the cracks are from heating or moving the dome?
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